Registration is CLOSED!

Make sure and get on the mailing list!

Registration will open November 2nd for the 2017 Tangier Holly Run.  If you are interested in joining us for this year please send us an e-mail <> that includes:

1. Name
2. Number of people coming to breakfast?
3. number of people staying for lunch?
There will be two lunch shifts.  Do you prefer the early shift (during the church service) or late shift (right after the church service)?
5. Will you be attending the Tangier history and Christmas service at the church? (see above)
6. Tail #
7. Home Base
8. AC Type
9. AC Cruise Speed
10. Would you be willing to fly a reporter?
11. If so, what is the name of your home town paper?

12. Can you transport a cat or two or three to 2W5 on the way home?
Cats will be in carriers!

Note: For flying clubs and other groups, we need the PIC of each aircraft to both join the mailing list and register the plane and occupants.


Patuxent approach is planning to pair aircraft traveling through the Bloodsworth restricted area this year to cut down on the number of radar returns. (Something about being overwhelmed by 50 closely clustered squawks in the past few years...) They will then assign individual squawks to each flight of two with the second plane in the flight squawking stand by. If you plan to fly through R-4002 please let us know if you have a flying buddy of similar speed that you wish to be paired with and who that is.

RV people, you can all go as one group if you like.